Rustico Cooking: The easiest and most enjoyable Italian cooking school in NYC

Rustico Cooking:  40 west 39th street  917.602.1519


This cooking school is a no brainer for anyone who is not trying to be Mario Batali in the kitchen , but would like to get to learn and feel comfortable making a few easy Italian dishes to cook . At the same time you’ll learn vital lessons in the kitchen.My wife and I have gone alone and also with a group of 20 friends. Each time was fun and different. What makes this class so special is that its very relaxed, you are doing just enough work to feel like you’ve created the meal from scratch, but at the same time you are enjoying the finished product either with friends or complete strangers that become friends. A great part about the class is that its only like $150 a head and lasts 3-5 hours. You leave very full, due to the 4 courses you are making in that time, and happy because you will feel confident when getting home that you can cook any of those 4 dishes tomorrow or whenever you want to . The instructors are unbelievabley nice and go at a pace where everyone feels like they are involved. Also a great idea for a gift if you think someone or a couple would enjoy a cooking class.







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